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Kinogram, Warsaw
3-6 June 2024

FROM DEVELOPMENT TO DELIVERY: 30 AI tools to supercharge your creativity and productivity

A rapid-fire overview and practical demonstrations of 30 user-friendly AI tools being deployed in the TV and online video industry, spanning the lifecycle of content from idea conception through to programme delivery and distribution. This fast-paced session will give you a practical insight into which AI tools to use, and how to use them. Nearly all of the tools selected for this session are suitable for absolute beginners and are relatively low-cost to use, plus there will be previews of some AI tools coming soon to the market. Demos will include: Text based AI chatbots, Project planners, Team productivity tools, Deck creation tools, Generative Image tools, Generative Video/Animation,Voice reproduction and voiceover, Automated transcription, Legal co-pilots, AI driven archive search, AI dubbing, Automated editing, Reversioning and social optimization tools.


Start time: 2:00pm
End time: 3:30pm
Jason Mitchell

Jason Mitchell

The Connected Set
MODERATOR: David Jenkinson

MODERATOR: David Jenkinson

Editor-in-chief and managing director
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