A three-day market, international screenings & conference agenda at the heart of CEE business

Kinogram, Warsaw
3-6 June 2024

MODERATOR: David Ciaramella
Creative media consultant
Boxed Off TV
David Ciaramella has spent the last decade in the industry serving as a linchpin for major broadcasters, streamers, production powerhouses, branded entertainment maestros, and distributors worldwide. In February 2024, David took that wealth of industry experience and launched Boxed Off – a boutique consultancy, with the ability to serve as both researcher and matchmaker for your TV aspirations. He is also a trustee of the 53 Degrees North Media Academy, a mentorship scheme for working-class young adults looking to enter the industry. Additionally, David is on the FRAPA advisory board, regularly holds presentations and moderates panels at industry events, and is slightly obsessed with both the future of TV and exploring how AI can enhance and elevate the industry, without taking it over!
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